If We Are The Body

As I was cleaning up and doing dishes Friday night, I had Pandora on in the background and ‘If we are the body’ by Casting Crowns was playing. The chorus says, ‘If we are the body why aren’t his arms reaching, why aren’t his hands healing, why aren’t his words teaching.’ In devotionals the last few mornings of this past week we have been talking about the power of the Holy Spirit, receiving it and then stepping out with it in faith and believing for signs and wonders to happen when they are prayed for. We can make up a lot of excuses for why in this country we don’t see signs and wonders like the disciples were performing in the new testament. But I think what it all boils down to, and what several people said was that we don’t really believe it, we don’t really expect it to happen, for God to show up in these weird and marvelous ways that we see in the early church. But we as the body have been given that power, the same power and authority the disciples were given at Pentecost, and with that power “comes great responsibility” to heal, to preach, to be the body of Christ. But we are so often too afraid of looking foolish if the thing we are saying or praying for does not come to pass.

It’s not only that, but too many of us just too easily settle for living a mediocre Christian life of attending church, hanging out in our Christian cliques and being so concerned with what they world will think of us if we dare to step outside these boundaries into the world, get our hands a little dirty and love on and welcome in those ostracized by society, who don’t fit the mold of a neat and tidy church-going Christian. Whether it’s not expecting God to do what he’s promised us, or fear of looking ridiculous, or a desire to fit it, it all comes down to priorities, and we all too often prioritize man’s opinion of us over obedience to Christ.

My prayer for this year for all of us interns is that we will live more fully into what it means to be the body of Christ. I pray that we will believe and expect that the power given to us by the Holy Spirit can and will do miraculous signs and wonders. I pray that we will step out in faith like Philip did with the Ethiopian Eunuch and answer God’s call to do crazy things, to love those who the world says are unlovable, that everyone else is uncomfortable to be around. I pray that we will become the body of Christ in our city, that after this year we would be changed so dramatically and grow so much in our faith that we would never again revert to that neat and tidy church-going Christian with lukewarm faith. I pray that we will be the body, and so we will be His reaching arms, His healing hands, preaching¬† and teaching His words.




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