Fire pit Fun! 10/24

As it gets colder the possibilities for fire pits and hot chocolate and s’mores become realized. It’s always fun to find someone who hasn’t experienced what someone else might feel is such an integral part of their culture. One week it’s the first time someone tries an oreo (and you think where have you been living?), and the next it’s that someone has never tried a s’more. It’s funny the little things that we believe are so a part of  a culture that we just assume if you have any kind of experience with that culture then you must have experienced them. Even coming from not actually living in America most of my childhood years, I still am very familiar with a lot of American culture- at least the important things like s’more 🙂 JK! And yet I often still feel so isolated from it, like it doesn’t really belong to me, like my home culture is not my culture. So is the curse of the third culture kid…you never really belong anywhere, except with others who share this not-really-belonging-anywhere identity, who belong to a group of people who belong more to a culture not there own, but still never fully belong there. But, I suppose you might say this is helpful in understanding this concept that as believers we must realize that this earth is not our home.

Hebrews 13: 14 says, “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” This excites me, yet at the same time my humanness, my flesh is still lonely, it still wants somewhere physical to really call home, to really belong. Yet I belong to Jesus, I belong to him more fully than you can belong to anyone or any community on this earth, to someone eternal, I am a part of something, a Kingdom that will last forever, and someone who will accept me as belonging to them more fully than anyone on this earth ever will. And to live for a cause that brings more people into that Kingdom, to a place of belonging to that too, isn’t that worth not belonging anywhere here on earth?


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